18 November 2013

What Women Want

Women just want to be appreciated and fucked well.


Even the smallest of things matter. Unless it's the size of your penis, then you're REALLY going to have to work at the fucking part. We don't need a grand gesture. Save that shit for when you're gonna propose.

Show us you appreciate us, don't just tell us.

You can show us by numerous acts. Listening. Listening without interruptions. When you ask us "How was your day?", actually mean it & let us tell you all the details about our day, don't just settle for a one-word response. In fact, rephrase your question. Something more along the lines of "What was the best part about your day?"

Listening ties in with being interested. You first have to be interested in what we have to say in order to listen to us. Showing interest in our days activities, mishaps, and adventures goes a long way on the appreciation spectrum.

Show interest. Listen. Then next comes caring. Care about what we have to say. A way to do this is to relate to us. Paying attention to the details is a big one here. If you bring up a story that relates to a minor detail we mentioned, that shows us you were interested/listening/and caring.. again, this goes a long way.

You don't have to shower us with gifts to show your appreciation. What was mentioned above holds more meaning than any materialistic thing you could have handed us. Save that for our birthdays and Christmas.

Oral sex is a great way to show us your appreciation.

Good Sex

If you're doing the same thrusting motion for 5 minutes...you're doing it wrong.

If we keep making the same damn noise for the duration...you're doing it wrong.

If our legs aren't shaking afterward...you're doing it wrong.

If you keep it strictly vanilla...you're doing it wrong.

If you don't go down on us...you're doing it wrong. (See appreciation.)

If you try to stealthily change holes...have fun getting yourself off. Do you REALLY think we won't notice what you're trying to do? (No. This is NOT how you "change it up"/so it's not strictly vanilla.)

The Order

Showing appreciation before you sleep with us, will make you more desirable.
Sleeping with us before you show appreciation, will make us more desirable.
But really, as long as you show appreciation and the sex is good..you're a keeper.

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